Volleyball Australia Fundamentals of Refereeing

Welcome to the Volleyball Australia Fundamentals of Refereeing Course. This course is the first step of the Volleyball Australia Referee and development pathway, and provides basic volleyball fundamentals in a clear and simple format to provide a starting point for beginner referees.  

To pass the course you must complete the two final quizzes with a mark of 87% or better. After this is completed you will have a completion certificate attached to your profile ready to download.

Completing this course is one of the steps in getting the VA Level 1 Referee Accreditation. The other required components are:

  1. Be a member of your State or Territory Volleyball Association.
  2. Complete the Play by the Rules Child Protection and Harassment and Discrimination free, online modules.

Please note, you must be at least 12 years of age to be eligible for the accreditation.

For any issues please contact the Volleyball Australia office on (02) 6108 4556 or education@volleyball.org.au

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